Research Team

The Research Team


Asia Eaton, Ph.D.


Renzo Barrantes, M.S.

Dr. Eaton is an Assistant Professor in Psychology at FIU in I/O Psychology Program and an affiliated faculty in Women’s and Gender Studies. She conducts research on how gender and social power interact and support one another in organizations and in intimate partner relationships. Renzo is a Ph.D. student studying I/O psychology at FIU. His research interests are focused on sexual identity in the workplace, particularly dealing with perceptions of LGB individuals in leadership positions and the effects of sexual orientation disclosure on potential and current employees.

andrew  Andrew Morrison


Ilemis De La Cruz

Andrew is a senior at FIU pursuing a B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Business. After completing his undergraduate degree, Andrew aims to go onto graduate school for I/O Psychology. His research interests include work-family conflict, leadership and discrimination among individuals in the workplace. Ilemis is a psychology major also working on a minor in art and a certificate in women’s and gender studies. After graduation she will be going to the Peace Corps in Macedonia , following which she will pursue a master’s in clinical psychology with a specification in sex therapy.